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Kris’ Mysterious Past

According to Weibo, this is what someone said:

第一 名字改过 原名叫李嘉恒 连姓都改了 原因不明
第二 生日改过 本来生日11月1日
第三 学校不明 本来是体校生 后来转学只去了几个月 哪个体校的不明
第四 是不是广州人不明 有人说转学过去以后 一直说普通话”

Number One: He changed his name. Before he was called Li Jia Heng, but he even changed his last name and the reason is not clear.
Number Two: His birthday changed. His original birthday is actually November 1st. (It says November 6th on his wiki and other sources)
Number Three: No one really knows what school he attended. After he transferred schools, he only went for a few months. It’s not clear which school he transferred to either.
Number Four: We’re not even sure if he’s from Guangzhou. People have said that after he transferred schools he only spoke Mandarin (instead of Cantonese, which is commonly spoken in Guangzhou)”

To be honest,  I don’t really care all that much about his past. Yes, I’m curious, but if it hurts for him, I won’t bother asking. On weibo people have also mentioned that he had family issues, and that he might not like bringing up his past. Like, I know I might be somewhat hypocritical to post this, but I’m giving you guys this information. I don’t think everything’s true about this post, because it totally makes it sound like Kris is some secret spy or something. I don’t know. Everyone has their own issues. Let’s just keep it here if Kris wants it that way



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