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B.A.P ranks #10 on the Billboard World Albums Chart

Rookie group B.A.P has once again found themselves on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

On the recently revealed chart, B.A.P’s second single,POWER, ranked within the top 10 of the of the chart.

This is following the news of the boys already ranking #1 and #2 on iTunes‘s hip hop albums chart for Canada and the U.S. with the release of ‘POWER’, signifying the group’s domestic and overseas popularity.

What’s also interesting is that B.A.P came in at #10 on the Billboard World Albums Chart when they released their debut album, ‘WARRIOR’, ranking along with Girls’ Generations’, ‘The Boys’. The group has once again ranked in at #10 along with Girl’s Generations’ sub-unit, Taetiseo, who came in at #1. As the group previously retained their position on the chart for two weeks straight with ‘WARRIOR’, fans are interested to see if the boys will be able to do the same this time around.

As reported earlier, the boys also sold out their first 30,000 copies of ‘POWER’, and has put in additional orders due to the high demand.



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